What is it like to Start a Company?

Lessons learned in the 1st 100 days of launching a new company...

In the first 100  days of starting IN10T, I have learned more than at any other point in my 20+ year career.  Throughout daily conversations with customers and industry leaders, there are common themes related to building a business.   I admire other thought leaders who share their ups and downs along the way, so I […]

Can you hear me now?

data, research and communication timing

Our company, IN10T, was recently working on a project around the timing of customer communication.  One part of the project was to look at when businesses talk with their customer’s.  Below is a sample data set we ran for a specific group in Agriculture.  (Sample included 100 Twitter Users with expressed interest in #AgTech)   […]

What is new in Kevin’s world?

People have asked about our new Company IN10T. (INˈTENT) Here is what our team is building at www.in10t.io

What is IN10T In10t is a digital agriculture company founded in 2016 focused on solving farmer adoption challenges in agriculture.  We create custom digital and data science solutions for our customers both in agriculture and those investing in agriculture.   Why start IN10T?   The market including farmers, investors, agribusinesses and agronomists all kept sharing the […]

Bridging the Digital Divide Between New AgTech Solutions and Farmer Needs

My experience with one of  "Farm Journal Media Online Peer Groups"

I recently had the chance to visit with one of the “Farm Journal Online Peer groups.” The topic discussed was “The Interesting State of Data in Agriculture,” but what I found compelling was the format. To keep advancing #AgTech, I believe we must have more peer groups & masterminds in Agriculture.   Here are three takeaways […]

“PINGS” My 2017 personal systems review

I don't do resolutions, I focus on systems

Every New Year people spend time on goals and resolutions; for me, this is when I look at current personal processes to see if changes would be effective I used to change systems all the time; a new “to do” list app came out, and I was changing every few months. Now, I have become […]