13 Practical ways Evernote helps our family

simple ideas that make our lives easier and help us make every step count

This is not necessarily intended to be a tutorial on Evernote but more how/why we use it. EvernoteOur family always papers that always needed filed.  (I hated taking time to do this…)  So, we moved to a digital filing cabinet several years ago and now we have very little paper around the house;  both my wife and I can search and find needed docs on any device at any time.  We wanted to create this for others that might be looking for best practices on this tool!  

Here are 13 family use cases for Evernote

  1. Clipped articles from the web-  The web clipper in Chrome is awesome!
  2. Books I have read and/or want to read.  Now I can keep track of books and notes
  3. Email Newsletters- Using the Evernote email, all email newsletters go to Evernote and not email.
  4. Kids School work-  It has been so much fun to drop our kids’ school work over the years into Evernote to see the progression.  
  5. Kids Art-  Those drawings that you just love but can’t keep them all, drop them in Evernote!
  6. Digital Scrapbook for Birthday cards, notes, and family mementos.  It is neat to go back and look at birthday cards from years ago that my grandparents sent me.  Even after they have passed on, I still have the words and cards they sent.
  7. Gymnastics Scores and reports for the kids
  8. Appliance manuals and Warranties-  that stuff you never need but when you do can’t be found.  Drop it in Evernote.
  9. Vehicle service –  Simple way to track all those vehicle service notes
  10. Gift Ideas with reminders-  I am a horrible gift giver;  now, when my wife says, that would be cool, I can drop in Evernote with a reminder for 3 weeks before her birthday.
  11. Exercise note and ideas- track new exercise ideas
  12. Recipes/notes on Wines –  Easy way to store recipes and notes on special wines that we enjoyed
  13. CRM –  Names, notes and reminders

We use workflow and automation through Feedly, IFTTT, Zapier and other solutions.  View how all our systems work together -> Click Here 

Feel free to drop a note in the comments on other ideas/suggestions.  As we work to make every step count, tools and processes are important for our family.~