my smart car

I use the term “smart car” a little different than others.  I have a 2010 vehicle, and I use the Bluetooth with my regular phone a lot.

I have tested applications like Zubie and other ODB devices over the years for educational purposes.  My primary focus with the smart car is that when I get in I want my vehicle to be a learning center.  I want it to be able to deliver content quickly and effortlessly.  I also prefer free content when possible!

I referenced the podcasts that I have on my playlist in a previous blog post, in this post, I will share how I turned my wife’s old Droid Phone from several years ago into a dedicated learning device.

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Why have a blog/public digital presence?

Why have a blog? I  enjoyed Michael Hyatt’s recent podcast “10 REASONS EVERY LEADER NEEDS A BLOG”.  Here are the 10:   (Link to original post)

1. improve your communication skills.
2. create a repository for your best thinking.
3. provide thought leadership
4. raise your organization’s visibility.
5. share your vision
6. network with people who can help you.
7. build trust others
8. build authority in your niche
9. gather feedback from your constituents.
10. mentor the next generation of leaders.

I have been journaling and capturing notes on a private blog and within Evernote since my heart surgery in 2010. I have never really thought about sharing these thoughts more publicly. As my journey has continued to evolve, this podcast opened thoughts as to the benefits of sharing our story.

For me, it is simply making every step count!

My Top 16 Recommended Podcasts

my go to list of podcasts for intentional learning

Over the last couple of years, podcasts have become critical while I am in the car or out for a run.  I use this time for new ideas, skill refinement and reflection.  Below are some podcasts I currently have loaded, but I am always looking for ideas and suggestions!

Life, Hacks, Productivity, and Leadership
Michael Hyatt
5am Miracle
Daily Disciple with Rory Vaden
Tim Ferris Show (4-hour workweek)
Read to Lead
Smart People Podcast
Eternal Leadership

Bill Hybels – Willow Creek

HBR IdeaCast
DFJ Entrepreneurial  Thought Leaders Series
Duct Tape Marketing

This week in Startups
Product Hunt
The Startup Grind


Any others you would recommend to me?  Send them my way!  Click Here

digital profile

My goal is regardless if someone meets me in person or digitally through a social network, I am the same person!  I spun up this quick diagram that shows how to think of three social media platforms as they relate to relationships.

Social Media

How do you use social media platforms?