What is my Purpose and how do I find my “why”

The importance of purpose in our lives

Like so many others, I have thought a lot about “what is my purpose in life?”  And like many, I have struggled with this.  In my 20’s, when I thought about my “why,” I associated my purpose to my career or a job title.  As I became a father and as I get older, purpose now becomes clearer,  but still not easy.  

Always seeking to gain purpose, I read:

Books and examples from others were helpful, but I still struggled with “am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?”  Recently, I started reading  Michael Hyatt’s “Living Forward” book https://livingforwardbook.com/.  It is a good practical tool for those of us wanting more control of life through planning.  These are all good resources and they have been helpful to me in different seasons of my life.  

There are different ways for us to gain clarity of purpose in life.  I have heard several times in my faith journey that there are “Crockpot Christians” and there are “Microwave Christians.”  “Crockpot Christians” are those who have been raised in a church community and don’t have one single epiphany moment of coming to faith, but continually learn more about their faith over a long period of time.  “Microwave Christians” are those people who have one or a handful of life experiences that completely change their perspective in an instant.  For me, my purpose has developed into more of a crockpot style than microwave fashion.  I seem to develop slowly and take a long time to get there!

How I found my Why?  

Like my perspective, my purpose continues to develop and evolve.  There was, however, a defining moment when my purpose took shape.  Here is a post on the life events that helped me find my why:  https://www.kevinheikes.com/journey-to-my-story/

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