Future of Ag Podcast

I had the chance to sit visit with Tim Hammerich and Kyle Morrow to talk about IN10T's platform called FarmerTrials.com

Special thanks to Tim Hammerich for bringing me back on the Future of Agriculture Podcast to look at agricultural technology and entrepreneurship.  Our company,  IN10T, a digital agricultural company, recently announced FarmerTrials.com.    FarmerTrials.com  is a platform that connects people who have new ideas and want to test them on farms. Companies get to work with real farmers who have the skill and resources to assess whether these ideas solve real problems that farmers face.

Key lessons in the podcast:

  • Problems that existed on the farm before  FarmerTrials.com came along
  • Requirements farmers had to meet in the past if a company wanted to do farm trials
  • Tasks that Farmer Trials manage and facilitate for agribusinesses
  • Working in the business versus working on the business
  • Why the services offered by Farmer Trials are appealing to companies both big and small
  • How Farmer Trials plan to use the Jump Start grant awarded them by Kansas Department of Agriculture
  • Who determines the compensation for the projects


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