Four strokes and heart surgery led to my 3P’s framework (d)

People, Perspective, Purpose

After given the opportunity to speak in Colorado to my former FFA chapter I had the chance to do some serious reflecting. I have been writing/blogging for a couple years at sharing ideas.  One of my bucket list items is to write a book regarding my stroke and heart surgery experiences.

Preparing for this talk challenged me to think about what I had learned since my strokes and open-heart surgery in 2010. This time of reflection helped articulate my “so what?”

In analyzing my writing topics and blog posts it was clear I needed more focus. This one question helped me create that focus:

What would I tell myself in high school?

I have learned that life planning is challenging, but a framework is a necessity.  Today, I have more of a framework but less certainty about what tomorrow will look like. Now, I believe that each day is a gift from God. Yes, I still plan for the future, but with more focus on direction as opposed to specific tasks.  This framework is what I call my 3P’s:  People, Perspective, and Purpose


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