My career as an entrepreneur in AgTech looks like this…

IN10T is the company I co-founded in 2016. We use data science to help solve innovation challenges in AgTech is the platform our company IN10T built to connect farmers to paid research opportunities.

Hanging out my friend Tim Hammerich on his Podcast

Kevin Heikes is the Founder of, an advisory firm dedicated to helping clients solve problems in Agriculture related to technology strategy, product commercialization and digital system design. Kevin has worked with several start-ups, including FarmLink, where he served as Vice President of Product and Farms Technology where, post acquisition, by DuPont Pioneer he led the integration and product migration to DTN. This episode is filled with new ideas, tactics, and anecdotes that will both entertain and inspire anyone interested in the future of agriculture.
Today’s guests allow us to look at agricultural technology and entrepreneurship from two different perspectives. Kevin Heikes is part of the IN10T, a digital agricultural company that created Farmer Trials. Farmer Trials is a platform that connects people who have new ideas and want to test them on real farms. These people get to work with real farmers who have the skill and resources to assess whether these ideas solve real problems that farmers face. Also with me is Kyle Morrow, a farmer in Indiana who is currently a customer of Farmer Trials. Kyle shares his experience working with the company and allows us to look at matters from a practical approach since one of the goals of the program is to see things from different lenses.

Effective Leadership Strategies Across Generations presentation to K-State MAB Students

Biggest Lessons Learned in my AgTech Career

Using Peer Groups and Masterminds to increase AgTech Adoption

I had the chance to visit with one of the “Farm Journal Online Peer groups.” The topic discussed was “The Interesting State of Data in Agriculture,” but what I found compelling was the format.To keep advancing #AgTech, I believe we must have more peer groups & masterminds in Agriculture to increase adoption levels.  Read more