Beta experiment with friends

I recently sent an email to a cross-section of about 50 friends asking them for feedback

What is the experiment?

I am sending a series of four emails over the next several months.  The focus of these messages is centered on the 3 P’s: People, Perspective and Purpose.  (plus some bonus tech tips that our family uses to “make every step count”)  The experiment will help determine the value of monthly emails from   Depending on results, I may keep doing a monthly email in 2018.

If you know someone that you would recommend getting my updates:  Sign up here     Here is a 2 min video on why I am doing this experiment.

I would truly value your feedback.  If you have comments for me, drop them here  Thank you help as I continue on my side hustle project of making every step count!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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4 thoughts on “Beta experiment with friends

  1. I am ALWAYS up for anything that is positive and uplifting!! You and Danielle have had more than your share of struggles, but the one thing I have watched happen over those 11 years is how you stay so focused on your faith and stay motivated through some truly dark times. I want some of that!!! Can’t wait to see what the emails help me with in my life! Love you guys!!

    • Marcie,

      Thank you for these kind words, you have definitely been through it with us and we are so thankful for you!

      There have been people, stories, and experiences that have helped us. Our goal is to pay it forward and share our learnings on the journey we call life.


  2. Kevin, I always enjoy your perspective. You are in a different space than I, and it informs. I’m not always smart enough to adopt your ideas (thinking connected home) but it is enjoyable to learn and consider.

    • Thanks Jim, I learn by doing so as I go through these projects I share what I learn. Plus, I have learned from others who have done the same!

      As a fellow CSU Ram we are always in the same space my Friend! #GoRams !