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Smart Podcasting–  Over the years podcasts have become important while I am in the car or out for a run.  I use this time for new ideas, skill refinement and reflection.  Here are my selected podcasts.  Learn more

Smart Kitchen Ok… I know it may not be the smart kitchen we tech enthusiasts are dreaming about, but it a start!  Here are the two main features to our smart kitchen:

Simple:  Our smart kitchen doesn’t have wires, screens or lots of hardware.  It only consists of the Amazon Echo.  Like many families, there are too many distractions in the day, and we are trying to keep our kitchen tech free.

Wanted hands-free entry for groceries, to do’s or calendar requests.  All, without touching the phone or running to the computer.  Learn more

Smart Car – I use the term “smart car” a little different than others.  I have a 2010 vehicle, and I use the Bluetooth with my regular phone a lot.  My primary focus with the smart car is that when I get in I want my vehicle to be a learning center.  I want it to be able to deliver content quickly and effortlessly.  Learn more

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