I Had my first stroke at 32 years old after the birth of our first daughter.  I had a natural hole in my heart that we never knew about.  
Mar 2009 - Stroke 2 in Vegas later this night!
I had Stroke #3 Jan 2010 just prior to going to small group 
I had Stroke #4 While my daughter was being born.  I actually missed her birth as I was in ER.  Here I am moments after she was born.
My wife bringing our daughter back to see me pre-heart surgery so we could complete our Will.  
Post Heart survey, getting to hold my little girl for the first time.
Holy cow... What just happen?  I am going to write a book about this!   I could not believe what I had just been through.  I set a goal to write a book and tell this story.  Here I am working on Chapter 1 🙂
Leaving the hospital knowing that life would never be the same. 
New haircut symbolizing a new start and fresh look on life.  
The beginning of the rehabilitation process.   Time to reflect on my next 30 years
During my time away from work, I spent lots of time walking in nature with my girls and reflecting.