StandOut 2.0 Results

Recently I completed the StandOut 2.0 Analysis.  The StandOut assessment measures how well I match 9 Roles and reveals my primary Role and secondary Role. These top two Roles are the focal point of all my talents and skills. They represent my instinctive way of making a difference in the world.

Kevin_Heikes 2.0 StandoutReport

Advisor Stimlulator

Your unshakeable belief in success and your clarity on how to achieve it. You’re an excitable leader. You’re successful at rallying people through all sorts of difficulty or change, not only because they feel your belief in them but also because you give them clear examples of how they’ll succeed. Where the change is more challenging, your fire will really be stoked. In fact, you’re the firestarter — so stagnation, failure or some sort of perceived immovable object is the precise thing that stimulates your best ideas. If people are saying “I give up,” “It can’t be done,” “We’ve tried everything,” “It’s no use,” you give the quintessential last-quarter, final minute, down-by-2, time-out talk to the bench, telling them not only how much you believe in them, but the key play that’s going to clinch it all.

Strength Roles

Kevin_Heikes 2.0 StandoutReport