How to create a “Smart Car”

Using an old phone, you can have on demand content without filling up your primary phone

What do you think of when someone references a smart car?  I use the term “smart car” a little different than others.  I have a 2010 vehicle, and I use the Bluetooth with my regular phone.  I have tested applications like Zubie and other ODB devices over the years for educational purposes, but my primary focus with the smart car is having an on demand learning center.  I want it to be able to deliver content quickly and effortlessly.  I also prefer free content when possible!

I referenced the podcasts that I have on my playlist in a previous blog post, in this post, I will share how I turned my wife’s old Droid Phone from several years ago into a dedicated learning device.

So, how did I create this learning center?


Step 1

Installed BeyondPond and configured auto download of designated podcasts at 3 am to my device.  ( I also completely wiped the device; it is not using a sim card connected to Verizon anymore)  Just basic wireless.

Step 2

Set up an access point in the garage, so the android phone is always online when in the garage.  This allows for the auto updating of content

Step 3

This may sound old school, but I use the headphone/aux setting on the radio. This allows me to quickly flip back and forth to Bluetooth for my main phone.

Why didn’t I use my primary phone for this purpose?

I Didn’t want to fill up memory and I liked the idea of a dedicated device for both podcasts and audio books.

Using this simple process I am able to make every step count while in the car.  Or should I say every mile?