Lessons from Dayton Moore, General Manager of the Kansas City Royals

Key learnings on Success, Culture and life

Our men’s group has been studying the book by Dayton Moore, “More than a season.”  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found there to be many life lessons that are applicable at home at work and in my daily journey.  This past week we were lucky enough to have Dayton Moore speak to our men’s group. It was a surreal experience as he shared who he is, experiences that shaped him and his vision for life and the Kansas City Royals.Dayton Moore

Dayton’s talk ended up being a super inspirational conversation that I thought was worthy of compiling a few thoughts and sharing. As the father of 3 girls who grew up in small-town Colorado w/o the Rockies Baseball until I was in high school, I don’t consider myself much of a baseball fanatic. Like most people in Kansas City who could NOT catch Royals fever over the last three years!  I think I got a glimpse into why this ball club is having success. Listening to Dayton share experiences by the time he finished I was ready to check into spring training. Here are some of my key takeaways and life teachings that I took from his discussion

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