4 Strategies to deal with email more efficiently

The continual battle with email and cleansing process of email newsletters

Like most people, I can easily spend an exorbitant amount of time on email. I continually try to develop processes allowing me to spend quality vs. wasted time handling email. Here are my top four ways that I have designed to cut down  email noise

1. Use my Evernote email address evernote-email
When I sign up for an email newsletter, I utilize my Evernote email address. These newsletters now come into my inbox in Evernote. I typically file and browse these notes once or twice a week in the afternoon during a lower productivity time of the day. This process allows me to quickly tag these emails and search in Evernote if I ever wanted to recall a particular email.


2. Use of a separate Gmail address that I check once a month
I set up a separate Gmail address that I use for either marketing emails or required sign-ups that I don’t intend ever to read. I only look at this email account one time a month, and I sort by sender so I can filter through 1200-1500 hundred emails in approximately 10 minutes. This is my “permissioned” junk email filter that I set up years ago. If I ever wanted to search for deals or do price matching I can quickly pull up this email account and search for product X.


3. Use Unroll.me App unroll-me
I am surprised that even with a quasi-junk email address and intentionally using my Evernote how many emails still end up on lists in my primary email account. In this situation, I use a service called Unroll.me. This service looks at all new emails and parses out auto emails. It compiles them and sends them in 1 email per day. My guess is that approx 10 emails per week I end up consolidate to unroll.me.  This service alerts so that you add emails to Unroll, unsubscribe, or keep in the inbox.  Very useful.



In Gmail, Select Filter Messages

4a. Use auto forward and file in Gmail. (Rules based Gmail) 
I use this process when emails are sent to my Gmail address, and they need to be captured and filed, but I do not need to touch them. An excellent example is when Home Depot emails me a receipt when I make a purchase. I have all these emails automatically filed in a folder so I can go back and located if needed.


4b. Use auto forward to EverNote and archive in Gmail. (Rules based Gmail)
This list includes emails sent to my Gmail address that I want to be captured and filed in EverNote, but I do not necessarily need to touch them.  Same process as gmail but I want these email stored in Evernote vs Gmail.  I migrating from 4a to 4b.


Under settings, select Filters