Using shared family calendars at Home

We look at coworkers schedules and availability everyday, why not do the same when we get home?

In 2007, my wife and I switched to Google Family Calendar to manage our family’s ever-evolving schedule. We had used calendars in our work life but then we began treating our home Family Calendar with the same level of focus which has helped us tremendously. We asked ourselves why we are so intentional with our work lives and why we shouldn’t bring that some focus to our precious time with family.

Why we use shared calendars at home

While family calendars are not new or novel, to us they are the foundation for our family organizes and communicates. We use our calendars different in that my wife put to do’s on the calendar and integrate my Todoist calendar side by side.

Key take away

Most of us have systems and very few of us do it the same way.  Create a system that works for you and stick to it; changing only when absolutely needed.

Updates to this post

I created an update to this post that goes into much for detail, for those families that have already mastered the basics!  Check out this updated Post.

google calendar

Fun Fact… Google Calendar was created on April 13, 2006. Yes, I had to google it!