What would I tell my high school FFA self?

This April I was given the opportunity to go back to Colorado to my FFA chapter as their guest speaker for the annual FFA Banquet.  What memories it brought back as I both prepared for the talk and then as the opening ceremonies began.  I heard a young lady recite the Creed with such passion!  To hear the members’ talk of preparing to go to the state competitions reminded me of the hard work these students are going through and the “life lessons” they are about to encounter.

Because this invitation to speak was literally so close to “home”,  I decided I would take the time to write a series of blog posts as an alumnus, who now has a little different perspective on the value of FFA in my life.  When I attended that exact same banquet in 1993, I thought about trophies, awards, and elected offices.  

20 years later I now see how developing soft skills such as public speaking, making critical decisions and trying new things out of my comfort zone were so beneficial!  These life lessons are what I am so thankful for today even though it has taken so many years to fully appreciate.  

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Seeking Feedback; FFA Alumni Advice

A look back... and forward

I would like to enlist the help of my Aggie friends based on your “real world” experience. In April I get to spend some time with my high school FFA Chapter for their end of year banquet.

If you could give your “high school self” advice what would it be?  Feel free to drop in the comments below  

Why have a blog/public digital presence?

Why have a blog? I  enjoyed Michael Hyatt’s recent podcast “10 REASONS EVERY LEADER NEEDS A BLOG”.  Here are the 10:   (Link to original post)

1. improve your communication skills.
2. create a repository for your best thinking.
3. provide thought leadership
4. raise your organization’s visibility.
5. share your vision
6. network with people who can help you.
7. build trust others
8. build authority in your niche
9. gather feedback from your constituents.
10. mentor the next generation of leaders.

I have been journaling and capturing notes on a private blog and within Evernote since my heart surgery in 2010. I have never really thought about sharing these thoughts more publicly. As my journey has continued to evolve, this podcast opened thoughts as to the benefits of sharing our story.

For me, it is simply making every step count!