“PINGS” My 2017 personal systems review

I don't do resolutions, I focus on systems

Every New Year people spend time on goals and resolutions; for me, this is when I look at current personal processes to see if changes would be effective

I used to change systems all the time; a new “to do” list app came out, and I was changing every few months. Now, I have become much more disciplined in my approach and don’t envision any significant changes. I did, however, want to refine my “Ping” process in 2017.

I realize that this post will be over the top for probably 99% of the population; however, if my pain and trials help someone it will be worth sharing!

1. Problem Statement: I need to see both my calendar and my to do’s on one view per day. I used to look at my calendar and say, that isn’t so bad… Then I would look at my to-do list and say, that isn’t so bad… When I merged them, I was trying to do 16hours of stuff in an eight our window. Here is a graphical view of the systems and how my calendar (Google Calendar) works with my to-do list (Todoist)

2.  While my core process works, I have been working on my “Ping system” for the last three years.

What is a ping system you ask?  It’s the little things in my life that I need/want to do, but without a system, I won’t commit them to habit.  Here is where the ping process fits into the daily plan.

3.  My ping process has evolved over the last 3 years in this way

2015 – coach.me
2016-  Todoist
2017-  Google Calendar (New Calendar)

4.  So how does this end up looking when the systems are integrated?  Here is the view I use every day

Again, I realize this system is way more detailed than most people need or want.  Here is what I have learned from a systems standpoint.  My system will probably only work for me, it is a combination of looking what others have done and building a best of practice approach for me.  We all have to find that balance and what works for us individually.  If you have comments or suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments below!