5 Great Uses for IFTTT

Automation of workflow

I have been using IFTTT since 2014 and find the service to be very helpful in streamlining workflow.   IFTTT is an abbreviation of “If This Then That”. IFTTT is a service that allows users to create workflows using conditional statements, called “recipes,” which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Slack, Fitbit or Facebook.  If you have studied the 4-Hour workweek from Tim Ferris, IFTTT can assist with Step III, Automation.   Here are five samples I have set up in IFTTT that I find useful in my life.  

If new email in inbox from search for Subject: Your Fitbit’s battery is low, then create a task in Kevin-to do

IFTTT _ FitBit and ToDoist

This recipe sends a report to our “Family FYI” channel every morning with how much sleep I recorded.

IFTTT _ Slack Sleep

Have you left work yet?  Now I can send an alert automatically when I leave the office our family FYI Slack channel

IFTTT _ Slack

Record recently sold homes from designated zip codes in Google Drive.

IFTTT _ Sold Homes

Text me if it will rain/snow tomorrow.

Text if Weather changes


While our family utilizes over 60 IFTTT recipes, it is important to make sure we are intentional about setting these processes up.  I have learned, just because I can automate something, doesn’t mean I should.

Again, my goal is to make every step count, and this is a tool I use to help with that objective.    If you use IFTTT, what have you found beneficial?



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